Thursday, March 24, 2011

Webcomic Review: XKCD

Believe it or not I do of another webcomic that starts with "X" but since it's being rewritten now (or at least I think that's the plan, it's been quiet for a few months) this is the only one I've got up to review today. And XKCD of the unpronounceable name doesn't really need much of an introduction since it's one of the most widely recognized webcomics out there (heck, my dad reads it!) so on with the show!

As the banner on the website proclaims, this is a strip comic about "romance, sarcasm, math, and language" although I would replace romance with science myself. This is a comic where the more familiar you are with more traditional nerdy pursuits (math, science, literature, classical nerds as my friends and I call them) the more you'll enjoy this comic since it assumes you either already know what it's talking about or are willing to look it up to follow along. I actually haven't read through the archives and it's not necessary here, most strips are independent and usually there will be a link if it's a call back. So, if you don't mind some really brainy jokes and aren't reading this already check it out, make sure to see the alt-text!

Trying out something with the fonts today since the text normally looks a little small to me, if you like it more/less please tell me!

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