Sunday, March 13, 2011

Webcomic Review: Lackadaisy Cats

I feel like I follow another comic that starts with L but I can't seem to remember what it is, even after going through all my bookmarks. I suppose, if I'm not crazy, it must not update that often and to be perfectly honest, Lackadaisy doesn't have a set update schedule either the twitter or the artist's deviantArt account (plus the new pages usually pop up on the dA front page), believe me that this one is worth the odd updates.

Lackadaisy Cats
Aside from one inaccurate radio, one inaccurate car, and a bunch of anthropromophic cat characters, it's the Roaring 20s and the bootleggers are making a killing. It's a violent world with eccentric, stoic, and just plain crazy characters all running around trying to make a living and not get in the process which makes for a very fun character to read. I absolutely adore the 1920s and this is one of the first pieces I think of when I think of fiction set in that era (I'll admit it's partially because there isn't a lot but it is a seriously fun read). The comic is worth a look for the art alone, I've reviewed a lot of good looking series so far but this one has, in my opinion, the best art. Lots of rich textures, tiny details, great shading, and the whole comic is in a lovely set of sephia tones (which, judging by the recent tutorials on how to do, aren't nearly as easy to do as they look). This comic is in print now and I hope to get it sometime, I want some of that lovely art on my bookshelf!

Only got two comics to review tomorrow (thank god, got back to back club meetings again and that'll take all evening) then I'll skype a couple of letters for Tuesday so come back soon!

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