Saturday, March 5, 2011

Webcomic Review: The Dreamer

I probably should have reread this one before this but with all the other webcomics to reread it just slipped my mind. But I think I'm obligated to review it anyway, partially because I don't have any webcomics that start with D (seriously people, send me recommendations for webcomics!) and my handle is wandering-dreamer, it would feel silly not to review it at this point.

The Dreamer
Since I haven't re-read this recently I won't give a full review (and the update schedule has been a bit strange lately) but it's another historical series, with a twist. Much like the Stravaganza book series, Bea is a high schooler who lives in the current day and travels back to Revolutionary War America in her dreams. The art is a lot more traditional, American comic book style than anything else I read, so anyone who wants a change of pace for more manga-styled art might want to check this out (even though the plot is oddly shojo now that I think about it). The plot is progressing well enough (Bea has realized it's not really fair to be "dating" men in both time periods and is trying to figure out how to best deal with this), it sometimes feels like the story is spending too much in one time and not enough in another but with once a week updates that is a hazard. I don't think I'll buy the print copies of this series (there's one volume out now and judging by the page count there should be another out towards the end of the year) but I'll certainly reread soon and see if I change my mind.

And rejoice because I have multiple comics to review tomorrow and I adore all of them, got a number of F's as well, first time in my life that's been a good thing, so hopefully the reviews will start picking up soon!

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