Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Webcomic Review: The Meek and Misfile

Sorry for not posting yesterday folks, it was double club night for me and the speaker at my second club took a good deal longer than I thought (I even snuck out early along with the rest of the back of the room) and DST tried me out as well. So I'm being smart today and putting out the reviews early, wohoo!

The Meek
When this comic launched it sounded like the whole internet was talking about it and, since I was newer to webcomics at the time, I wasn't quite sure what all the fuss was. Now however I get it, this comic has amazingly detailed art and it seems to be setting up a story on-par with long running novel series, something far beyond what most webcomics do. I say "seems" because unfortunately the story isn't that far along yet, we're on the third chapter, focusing on the third group of characters (out of how many I have no clue) and the creator has had to put the comic on hiatus many times to work on freelance jobs. However, they said just the other day that they finished up their latest work and there aren't any more planned hiatuses so now would actually be a great time to start the comic. The first chapter is NSFW due to a topless character (and it's not erotic art or anything, it's "oh, that character is running around naked as a sign of her innocence, cool" but still, reading that at work isn't a great idea) but chapters two and three don't have that issue. Finally, if the promise of an epic-sized plot isn't enough to intrigue you, the art is gorgeous enough to warrant at least a quick glance. Tons of details (the close-ups of the pages are humbling for those of us who can't draw), a really good grasp of shading, and even the color scheme in each chapter is different, it's amazingly well thought out. The first chapter is published and I plan on getting it sometime so seriously, go browse through it now.

With a premise that wouldn't be out of place in a manga, an angel in heaven mixes up some people's files which control their lives and makes one girl lose two years of her life and turns another boy into a girl, hijinks ensue. The pot smoking angel responsible for all of this, Rumisiel, is the only person besides these two (Ash the-boy-now-girl and Emily) who remembers what happened and is worried that his superiors might make the change permanent has fled to Earth and currently can't get back to Heaven to change the files even if he wanted to. As the story progresses Emily eventually becomes happier with her life since it gives her a chance to do the last two years of high school over and actually have fun with them (especially since she thinks this change may have saved her life) but Ash is still trying to figure out just what they feel about all of this and rather disturbed by some of the changes. Before he was rather distant from his divorced parents but now she has a good relationship with both (her mother even helped pay for a nice engine for her racing car) and a couple of other differences in his/her life just serve to confuse them even more about if going back to being a boy would be better or not. When the story isn't talking about that (and those kinds of philosophical thoughts come in starts and bursts, they're not the main bulk of the comic) it's mostly about car racing and, as someone who watches Top Gear for the humor not the car bits, I think all the car racing bits are really cool and really well done (the cars are probably the best drawn bits of the comic). It's a surprisingly fun ride so, even though the art here isn't nearly as good as some other comics I've suggested, I say go though the archive and check it out!

Tomorrow it's onto the letter P (because I don't follow any currently updating webcomics that start with N or O, although I do have a couple of them on hiatus) and then no more skipping until V.  So, short of my British Lit paper proving even trickier than it already has, see ya tomorrow!

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