Monday, May 2, 2016

Anime Review: Snow White with the Red Hair (part two)

So, new week, new anime? Considering I only review series after they've finished I can't precisely say that the second half of this Summer 2015 adaptation by Bones is brand-spanking new but it's still pretty new! As I've been saying with all of the sequels so far, yes this is a direct sequel to the first half, think of this more as a split show than a proper sequel, so go try that out before you watch this part. I suppose you could read this review first but I do have a review of the first half as well.....

Snow White with the Red Hair (Akagami no Shirayuki-hime)

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Weekly Round-UP: Let's try this again (+Maggie Stiefvater signing)

So, last week was a little rough for me and I decided fuck it, gonna take some stress out of my life by just not working on posts and instead enjoying my evening by watching and reading (not that I ended up doing a ton of either, stress does weird things to your mind, but  I am much closer to being caught up with the season now!). Heck I didn't even get a post on OASG up this week, although I don't think I ever linked to my Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru (And So The Town Moves) review.

Staying on #brand, the only posts I've put up in the past few weeks have all been anime-related actually, I talked about the excellent Miss Hokusai, the infectious Haikyuu!! Season 2, and the "the director thought that reading the source material was compromising his ability to tell a good adaptation" Utawarerumono: The False Faces (so, Underwaterrayromano 2). But there's been more to my life than just anime! In fact, part of the reason I had a hard time catching up with posts last week was because I was occupied Tuesday night by going to the launch of Maggie Stiefvater's The Raven King (the final book in the 100% metaphor, 100% real YA series The Raven Cycle) and I don't regret spending an entire evening there! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Anime Review: Haikyuu!! Season Two

Apologies for going AWOL, last week was a bit rough, and there was a wedding involved, so I'm just shuffling around my book reviews so that I stay on track. Although, out of all of the material that I review, I have more books waiting to be talked about than anything else so that is a bit of a problem. I really don't have the energy to do additional reviews every week but at this rate it's going to be a race until the end of June for that "best books of 2015" post (yes I know I said initially it was going to be earlier but I'm still reading books!)

To the topic at hand, hurray, more sports anime that's fun above all else.! I feel like Haikyuu is also a really great example of how to make a shounen sports show for women, just give the characters personalities and the fans will flock!

Haikyuu!! Season Two

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Movie Review: Miss Hokusai

Sorry for the delay, it's been a week guys. I have decided that the worst part of being an adult is not having breaks anymore, school breaks were really great. I mean, I'm glad I have weekends off now so I can see awesome movies but it's still not the same.

So, Miss Hokusai currently is not licensed in the US but somehow Otakon was able to have a special showing of it as part of DC's cherry blossom festivals (along with Up on Poppy Hill and Letter to Momo). I was pretty thrilled to have a chance to see it and really hope someone picks it up soon (it rather feels like a GKIDS film) so that everyone else gets a chance.

Miss Hokusai

Monday, April 18, 2016

Anime Review: Utawarerumono The False Faces

It's time to dive back into last season's offerings, and this series was a bit of an odd one for me, it's a sequel and I haven't watched the original! The problem is that I got into the show around episode six at which point anime-only watchers still weren't entirely sure how closely this would be related to the first Utawarerumono (and the original visual novel had been out for less than two months so there weren't many game players around to answer questions) so watching the sequel first was totally by accident. I dealt with it by reading a ton of spoilers (the wikipedia entry used to have a really detailed account but it was removed pretty quickly) but I'm not sure I would say I recommend watching the first Underwaterrayromano first since I don't really recommend watching this follow-up either!

Utawarerumono: The False Faces