Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Webcomic Review: Galaxion, Get Job, Girls with Slingshots, Gunnerkrigg Court

Whoops, this is a bit late isn't it? I have a crazy number of things to do over spring break so I'm going to take a short break and post the next reviews (two for the letter H, yay my favorite!) on Thursday instead of Wednesday so I hope this doesn't throw anyone off too badly!

One of the few sci-fi webcomics I read (I totally need to read more), this is the story of a crew on a strange ship that just got a bit, stranger. You see, sometime in the future humans have begun to colonize the stars but their ships are still rather slow and take weeks to reach the farthest colonies. So the two great space exploring factions have joined up to test out new technology that, if it works, would dramatically cut down the amount of travel time needed. Three guesses which ship they stick it on and three guesses how well it works, should I mention that these engines failed the first two times? This comic is out of the introductory stage but, with only one update a week, the pace moves slowly and it's easy to forget exactly what happened from week to week (thankfully the creator provides links to the beginning of each scene for when this happens). But, if you find that happening to you, I'd advise going through the archive and browsing through the various short stories (all of them are pretty short but really help you to remember the characters better), I still need to read the original version of the comic she has posted actually. This one does have one volume out in print now (hoping volume two will come out later this year) and I'd get it since the comic is certainly worth a reread!

Get Job
Poor Get Job, since I have it bookmarked in a funny place (stupid firefox not letting me have bookmarks in multiple places) I find myself forgetting about this comic and each time I remember it I don't know why. It's a fairly new comic but I feel like I already know our two characters (who are avatars of the team behind the comics, it's a semi-journal, semi-fantasic webcomic I believe, like Enjuhneer) which is a huge accomplishment since each strip is only three or four panels long.  Not much else to say about the comic since it is so new however, but it's a pretty amusing comic about two dudes going through life that I'd recommend, especially to people who don't want to read through tons of archives. 

Girls With Slingshots
For some reason this comic really reminds me of Questionable Content, and I meant that in a good way! Large cast of 20-somethings and following their lives as they get drunk, work (or try to find work), fall in and out of love, and just have lots of problems (plus a talking cactus).  Despite the aforementioned surrealism (talking cacti and ghost cats eh?) the comic still manages to feel rather realistic, in a very snarky mature sort of way* that usually gets a snicker out of me. This one has a number of volumes out in print now (the comic is over 1000 strips long at this point so some backlog bingeing is in order for new readers) but I'm not sure if the comic has enough reread value for me to buy the books. Maybe, I'm sure I could loan them out to my friends and be a hit with them. Finally, it occasionally crosses over with All New Issues (which I wrote about here), funny enough the cats cross over more than the humans and I think some of the cats are from another webcomic all together, so if you do blow through 1000+ strips check over there next!

Gunnerkrigg Court
Not much to add since my last review of this series, any more plot would be spoilerific, although I will say that there are now an awful lot of Chekov's Guns in the series, the art has of course gotten better, and yes I still want to buy the books (haven't yet since there on the expensive side for me but I've heard rumors that they're going out of print, ack!). So, go read it, it's one of the best written webcomics I currently follow and has fantastic art to boot.

Like I said above, no post tomorrow, a quick H one on Thursday and then one on the letter J (since I don't follow any webcomics that start with I, odd) on Friday, see ya then!

*So no mature warning on this comic like FreakAngels yesterday but a word of caution for under 16s reading it. Let's just say that between this and Questionable Content I learned a lot about sex toys, heck, we have a character who works in a sex shop so that shouldn't be surprising here.

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