Thursday, March 10, 2011

Webcomic Review: Head Trip and Haru-Sari

Only two comics again today and technically I should put Head Trip in the unusual updates page but I really didn't want to review just one webcomic again. So oh well, two short reviews for ya!

A comic that's been underway for a while, the archives even show how many more chapters it has until the end, Haru-Sari is set in either the future or another world where the government has mucked around with genetic tailoring and created elves, piete people who can wield magic yet usually go mad and die before they're 30. The story starts with June, a human who has some cat-like features (which is common, apparently the different people like that are supposed to represent different races) being treated for a kind of nervous system disease and whose new doctor is Huang, an elf who is notable for being the only elf doctor. The story focuses more on Huang however as he gets tangled up in secrets and conspiracies revolving around elves and I find it an interesting read. The update schedule has become a pretty wonky lately (the creator got sick a lot last year and had some family circumstances I believe) but hopefully the updates will get more regular again soon, they were very regular beforehand so it seems likely!

Head Trip
 Despite the fact that the schedule updates for this one have been screwy for a while now, Head Trip2 has a good sized archive of sarcastic and crosses-the-line humor. Mal, the red-haired main character, is not supposed to be an author avatar but, having read Shinga's livejournal, some of the stuff in the comic comes from her life, but you really can't tell since it's all got the same dark humor. Most pages are unconnected gags but there are a couple of storylines in there, all following a group of really odd and sarcastic superheroes and, unlike 2 Gamerz, I actually like these strips just as well, probably because those strips also have a gag a page (ie, even though it's a continuous storyline it doesn't suddenly get serious). So if you can take the occasional dead baby joke or two check it out!

 Hmm, taking a day off reviewing didn't seem to help me get more of my paper done at all, damn. Oh well, tomorrow is brought to you by the letter J, hope to see you then!

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