Sunday, March 6, 2011

Webcomic Review: Enjuhneer, Everblue, and Evil Diva!

Still messing around with the formats for these reviews so apologies if my switching back and forth is bothering anyone. Not much else to say here so onto the reviews!

A journal style comic that is part fiction, part based on the artist's current/past experiences in life and college, it's about a art student named Jenny in a geeky tech school* with LARPers, mutant squirrels** and general mayhem. In short, it's a fluffy little story about both what you want college to be like and what it sometimes is actually like (I can completely see some of the comics events happening in my life in any case). The series has undergone a major art shift (from hand drawn basic comics in the beginning to computer colored strips now) and, while it had a good sized cast of side characters, everyone looks distinctive enough that you'll recognize them even if they don't appear for a while. I've already recommended the comic to several of my friends so, if you enjoy oddly realistic mayhem in college, go check this out now!

As a heads up on this review, this is currently one of my favorite webcomics so I may gush a little bit. 
Set in a fantasy world covered mostly by water, Luna is a quiet yet secretly adventurous teenage girl who is starting to open up to others after Ten crashes into her town after the town guard shot down his flying boat and she offers to repair it, fascinated with all the modifications he made to it. My only complaint about the story thus far is that it's still a pretty new story so we're still in the world building part (heck, apparently the story has two other main characters, one of whom I saw a mini-comic about and the other has only appeared in the background on wanted posters) and, since it's only a once a week update, we might be in the introductory stage for a while more. But the updates have been consistent and continued even when the earlier pages were being re-drawn so this isn't as big a concern as it is for other comics. Finally, the art! The style and shading look a bit similar to the artwork of The Meek^ which means that it looks amazing. Lots of rich colors, a good grasp on lighting, an astonishing amount of background detail, and seeing the comparisons between the old pages and the newer re-drawn ones so just how far the art has come so quickly. I don't believe the comic is available for purchase outside of conventions yet but this is a webcomic after all, just click the link about to read it!

Evil Diva
For my final webcomic today, we have an amusing story of a devil who finds herself doing more good deeds than evil ones, clearly the right thing to do in this case is become a superhero! That's how the site phrased it actually but the story reminds me a little more of a magical girl story than a superhero story (and by that I mean, since Diva uses a wand for a few transformations, not a set costume, that's why it reminded me more of a magical girl, otherwise it's a pretty thin comparison). I like the series so far except for one, semi-important thing, why the heck did the art change/did the story have a timeskip?!? I know that there is a new artist for the comic now but I saw her work, she could draw in the old style perfectly well and, combine that with the sudden age up of the characters I'm really confused. It looks like this is going to be explained in comic soon but it still really threw and confused me. So I'm warming back up to the series now but I'd still recommend other people to go check it out. Oh, and we need more "Really Old Man Adventures" mini-comics, I loved those!

*Huh, enjuneer, unjuneer, unengineer, crap it just took me over a year to get that pun, I'm not exaggerating when I say I just figured it out. 
**Crud, I still need to post pictures of my knit Tails plushie too...
^and yes, the artists are well aware of this and joke about it, I've seen Der-shing Helmer (The Meek) joke about kidnapping Michael (Everblue) to go do coloring on their comic.

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