Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Webcomic Review: All New Issues, Amya

Wohoops, with all my school work today I almost forgot to update. So glad that spring break is coming soon for me, especially since I need to reread a few more webcomics....

All New Issues
A series I found because it occasionally crosses over with Girls With Slingshots this series is much in the same vein, 20/30-something characters just living out their daily lives, having romantic/job/friend issues and still managing to have a good time, with a few less normal things going on in the background (haven't seen any talking cacti yet but I keep expecting McPedro to make a cameo). It's good for a quick laugh but at only 76 strips so far it needs to build itself up a little more before I'm in love with it.

Another newer webcomic (admittedly it's already at 102 pages but it still hasn't fully introduced everything yet*) that I'm still not 100% sold on yet. It starts off with a vision of a doomed world but so far our characters have gotten kidnapped, escaped a train that was hijacked by another, even more sinister group, and had trouble with at an inn. Also having a bit of a hard time liking the characters so far (I like Faye but since she's voiceless she's had a hard time interacting with the other characters so they end up getting on my nerves more) but another main character just got introduced and I like him so far. And the story is finally starting to move along so fingers crossed that it picks up a bit more soon!

Drat, I could've sworn I had more "A" comics to review. There were a couple I left off since I just don't have that much to say about the comics ("eh, I read them, not quite in love with them, I just don't stop since I already have them bookmarked" would've been the gist of those two) but I thought I remembered another comic this morning. Sigh, two bad things about Firefox is that I can't delete my bookmarks (so digging through them to find what webcomics I follow is a pain) and I can't bookmark something in two places. Usually I set up a folder for each day of the week and follow webcomics that way but firefox isn't making it easy. Ugh, if I remember the comic later I'll amend this entry. Tomorrow I only have one webcomic to talk about but thankfully it's one I love so I'll see y'all then!

*So yes, the same thing I mentioned yesterday, I need to come up with a witty acronym for stories that are still in their introductory stages yet are several dozen pages long already.

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