Saturday, March 17, 2012

Webcomic Review Month 2012: Lintier and Loldwell!

I believe that by this point I'm over halfway done with webcomic review month 2012, wohoo! Hoping that everyone has liked at least one comic I've talked about so far and if not, well, that's why we're not done yet there's still plenty of time left! And of course you can always see what I reviewed last year too for even more ideas~

Lintier by Colby Purcell
A direct sequel to Lint and therefore spoils the ending of the original (ie, if you plan on reading Lint just skip this paragraph), Sangwine is now king and dealing with this whole running a country business while he is still visited in his sleep every night by the now deceased Bactine. But there are plots brewing again in the background and who knows what old enemies might be planning....

This comic has produced an interesting conundrum for me, it's snappy and witty so I like it and want to recommend it to people yet you really should read Lint before it (who starts reading in the middle of a series anyway?) but Lint can be a bit of a slog in it's early bits (there is a video that compresses the entire comic into 8 and a half minutes but you'll have to pause a lot even, I found it too fast to read at many points). In any case, Lintier isn't that long yet (the creator is dealing with a lot of school work at the moment) so there's plenty of time to catch up and so far it's proving to be a satisfying sequel, almost all the important characters have made a reappearance and the story is starting to explain a few things from Lint so for the moment I'm happy with it.

Loldwell! by Caldwell Tanner
A comedy comic that doesn't focus on anything in particular except stuff the internet may find funny.

I first found this comic from the "brojos before shoujos" strip which I think in an odd way sums up the humor present in the comic. There aren't any real reoccuring characters, plot lines, or even running gags, something that would normally annoy the heck out of me but here the humor is just so spot on that I don't mind it. I would recommend that anyone who likes the comic to follow it's creator on twitter since he also does some work for, most of it in the same vein, it's like having extra updates for the comic.     

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