Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Webcomic Review Month 2012: Unsounded

Sorry this is up a bit late folks, I'm really busy on Wednesdays (hence why I normally don't post on Wednesdays) and twitter is being weird and not letting me post tweets either right now (or even reply to people) anyway. It's also messing up my timeline a bit which makes me worried, as you guys have seen I follow more webcomics than one person can keep track of (updates for) at once and I use twitter for a lot of my updates, including for this comic, so hopefully this resolves itself soon....
Last year's U review.

Unsounded by Ashley Cope
Setta Frummagem is the lion tailed daughter of the thief king whose been sent with a mission to get the annual cut of money owed to the king from a cousin who's "gotten too fancy for this pants" and accompanying her is the Galit Duane Adelier. Setta thinks he's too stuffy and never does anything fun and Duane considers his young charge a hooligan whose more trouble than she's worth but for the moment they're stuck together on what is turning out to be a longer than expected journey.

I wasn't expecting the setting for this comic to end up becoming so wide and diverse, especially with it's magic, and as someone who loves setting this is always a plus. I know it sounds odd that, as a fan of fantasy who reads a lot of it, it sounds odd that I keep praising how people use magic or fantastical elements  but I can't help it, there really are a lot of creative people out there making webcomics and it makes me happy! It did take me a bit of a while however to get used to Setta's dialect, a lot of people like her relationship with Duane from the beginning but it took me a while to warm up to their banter which makes up a good part of the story, and I seem to recall that I found some of the text a bit small and hard to read. Looking back however through the early parts the text all seems to be of reasonable size, I might have just been tired the first time I tried this comic. And the art has even evolved from some very nicely drawn parts in the beginning to absolutely gorgeous pages currently, it's got one of the most polished art styles of any comic I currently follow and I can only imagine how amazing it would look in print.

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