Saturday, March 3, 2012

Webcomic Review Month 2012: The Adventures of Superhero Girl

Yesterday's entry was a long one, sorry about that folks, but don't worry since it looks like only one other entry will be as long (I do get worried that with long entries like that that people tend to skim more and don't pay as much attention to all the webcomics). Today's comic is done by the same awesome lady who did Friends with Boys but with totally different subject matter.

The Adventures of Superhero Girl by Faith Erin Hicks
Superhero Girl lives in a world of magical realism where she spends her days foiling evil plots, fighting ninjas, and being told that she should really be more like her super-popular older, also a superhero, brother Kevin. 

ASG is more of a slice-of-life, gag a day comic rather than plot oriented like most superhero comics are and that gives it a certain charm. It's much more likely to poke fun at random, normal things in Superhero Girl's life than try and be a deconstruction about superheros in general, not that it plays all the superhero tropes straight either, and the way it approaches all of this is simply fun. It's paced well, the art is nice (even if it's not as detailed as some of Hick's other works but that makes sense, this is something she's doing for fun after doing all that detailed work for pay) and I hope she does collect the strips into a book someday.



  1. Love SHG! It actually is paying work for her, it's printed in one of her local papers as a weekly strip. I know that last spring she did collect all of her strips to that point into a book, but I think it was only offered at cons she was attending. Hopefully she offers it online sometime :)

  2. I remember hearing that it had been collected into a book for a limited run but I'm never anywhere near the cons she goes to. The newspaper part sounds familiar too, wish ASG ran in my newspaper. XD