Friday, March 23, 2012

Webcomic Review Month 2012: The Pale, Plume

Wow, only one week left of webcomic reviews, it's going to be so odd switching back to regular reviews after this (especially since I have to read so much for them). I'm actually starting to get a little worried at how much anime I'll have piled up to review, this break to let me catch up on stuff may have worked a little TOO well....
Last year's review here.

The Pale by Cody Coltharp
Neurologist Charlie Bell is a talented doctor who after starting to treat a young girl with vivid and reoccurring nightmares finds himself having strange dreams. As he explores his dreams they seem to be connected to the young girl's and his brother might also be in his dreams, the brother that died years ago.

One of the most interesting things about the comic isn't necessarily it's plot or it's art but it's format. Each page is one long spread that you scroll across by hovering with the mouse so at times it feels more like a silent film than a comic. The amount of planning that must have gone into each page to make sure that each panel flows smoothly into another must have been astonishing and I've never seen another comic quite like it. I'll admit I'm slightly fuzzy on the details of the plot right now since the comic hasn't updated in a few months (which also makes me worried) but I liked how the plot was moving so far and really hope it returns soon.

  Plume by Kari Smith
"My father once told my that revenge is like a plume of black smoke. It seems tangible but when you reach for it you're grasping nothing but air. But really it's not like you're going to stop trying." And trying is what Vesper Grey seems to be doing as she sets off on a journey into the wild west to recover her father's life's work along with Corrick, the guardian attached the mysterious medallion her father once gave her.

This is a bit of a young comic but since it's already had a kickstarter for the first issue (where I stole that quote from) and I really like it so I wanted to bring it up. For it's short length it has had quite a bit of establishing information (there have been character introductions, hints at what the main plot is about, and an introduction to the setting) but the main plot doesn't seem to have started yet. Given it's quick pace I'm sure that's not too far off so once the comic resumes I'm sure things will pick up quickly and I'm really looking forward to it.


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