Sunday, March 8, 2015

Weekly Round-up: March 1st through 7th

Guys when I misspell something in a title, please tell me, I'm terrible at spelling February! (you'd never believe I was born in it)

Moving along, last week was pretty quiet here, I did post a review of the webcomic Galaxion (which I've loved for years, even if I wish it updated a bit more quickly) and I talked about the middle grade novel Nightingale's Nest. I actually didn't have anything going up at OASG this week since I submitted my review a tad later than I planned on but you guys will see what the review was tomorrow anyway.

Anime-wise, I managed to catch up with Durarara!! last week (why are these conflicts so much less entertaining now whyyyyy?) as well as the magical boy show (I've been watching it with a friend), and discovered I was more in the mood for Maria the Virgin Witch than Yatterman Night so I caught up with that instead (I still have a lot of problems with Maria, it has so much trouble creating "big plots" with reasoning and character motivations but it pulls off smaller scale conflicts and ideologies just fine). I've also started making progress in finishing Happiness Charge Pretty Cure so that someday I can start on Go Princess and the plan for this week is to make more progress in catching up with YN (although it sounds like the series has been in a bit of a slump, I'll admit that the rest of the episodes didn't impress me as much as the first one did) and I'm going to start also making slow progress in finishing Space Brothers as well (with no more hulu+ and trouble with the Funimation app I'm just a bit limited in what I can watch during Monday lunches so into the backlog it is!).

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