Sunday, March 1, 2015

Weekly Round-up: Febrauary 22-28th and looking ahead to March

Ugh it's icy outside again, snow I can handle just fine but ice always makes me nervous, I spent too many years in North Carolina which was ice storm central and lost power from it more times than I would have liked. So let's talk about something nicer instead, what I wrote about this week!

To start off, I still can't find the name of that side character from The Story of Owen but I went ahead and published my review anyway (and I just saw a review pop up on my blog roll for the sequel so I'll be sure to check that out as soon as my library gets it). I also reviewed an Amazon original romance (which I would have sworn was YA but billed itself as adult), A Love for the Pages.

On the manga side of things, I finally tackled one of the bigger shonen series that never made as big as splash in the US, Magi. Or rather, the first five volumes of it, after writing it I did discover that my library had a few more volumes and requested them BUT they only have 1-5 and then 9 and 10, I will be sending them "hey please buy this" requests to them for volumes 6-8 pretty soon. Over at Organization of Anti-Social Geniuses I talked about the first volume of Assassination Classroom and whether the anime's slow start was the problem with the adaption or if the manga was slow to start as well (I think it was the first one) and I also chimed in on the manga we read in February post.

No anime posts this week since I'm still swimming upstream trying to catch up with all of my shows. Currently I'm up to date on Yurikuma Arashi, Yona of the Dawn, Gundam Build Fighters TRY, Shirobako, Death Parade and Log Horizon (with the one week delays anyway) and my goal is to catch up with Durarara!! x2 Shou and Yatterman Night this week, although YN hasn't been as strong as I hoped (the Funimation app continuously crashing on my phone is making this challenging). At the moment Garo is on hold until I catch up with winter shows and I've more or less dropped AssClass, the first few episodes just haven't convinced me to rewatch material that I already know (unlike Yona's adaptation) so I might tune in later, especially since my larger goal is to catch up with everything in time to start fresh with the spring round of Anime Power Rankings. 

Looking ahead to March, expect manga reviews on Monday (focusing on the digital releases I've really enjoying and currently following), webcomic reviews each Wednesday, and then book reviews of middle grade fiction on Fridays (I have enough for three Fridays right now and might have enough for a fourth depending on how fast my library can fulfill my holds).

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