Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Webcomic Review Month 2012: Hark a Vagrant

Another shorter review today, I had been considering lumping together all the comics done by Humon (Scandanvia and the World, the Niels storylines), since I do like all of her comics yet there's not a ton to say about each, yet it didn't seem quite right to do it like that. Maybe I'll have that figured out by next year but in the meantime I still like them quite a bit and her somewhat controversial journal postings as well. I was also considering something similar for the hiimdaisy comics (same person who currently does Cucumber Quest) but realized that I've really only read the comics she did for Persona 4 and that really wasn't enough if I was going to talk about all her comics in general (and as before I did enjoy those so I recommend them and really recommend people look up the fandubs on youtube of the comics, they mange to make even even better).

ANYWAY, last year's comic reviews and then the lone entry for today (apologies that the spacing is a bit weird, blogger is simply continuing to mess with me on the finer points of formatting):

Hark! A Vagrant by Kate Beaton
A collection of comics, some standalone and some part of a series, joking about and poking fun at history, literature, and occasionally Beaton's own life.

I'm sad to say that, unlike the rest of the world, I don't enjoy this comic as much as I had expected and hoped, I think the hype surrounding the first printed edition raised my expectations a bit too high. And perhaps the printed edition of this reads a bit better, I was frustrated at one point where it was a series of one panel jokes which I couldn't make heads or tails of but that could've been taken care of by just editing which strips made it into the book. I'll also admit that I'm simply not as big a fan of strips Beaton does about her everyday life (which is odd since I generally like journal comics and I like a number of her non-history related writings on her tumblr), this just seems to be the odd case where I don't like something that I really should. I still do like a number of the comics she's done (especially the ones on Wuthering Heights), it's simply not one of the comics I wait for on baited breath.