Monday, December 24, 2018

Helen's 12 Days of Anime 2018: Summer 2018 anime round-UP

Boy I was watching a lot this past summer! Heck, there are still some titles that I tried when the season started and I liked them well enough but just did not have a chance to get back into them and they're still on my to-watch list months later. Not a clue when I'll get to those, but let's go down everything I did have a chance to finish. Quick note, if I was going to include the Yamato 2199/Yamato 2202 series in these round-up posts this would probably be the place to do it (since the last episodes Crunchyroll uploaded were uploaded in August, although they've all been taken down by now) but I don't want to talk about this series until it's completely completely done so hopefully I'll have a chance to do that, uh, next spring when the last movie releases in Japan I guess.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Helen's 12 Days of Anime 2018: Spring 2018 anime round-UP

Moving right along, my spring slate of anime might look fuller than my winter plate but actually I think they were pretty similar since I had a couple of continuing series which I didn't talk about last time. And there were a few shows which I dropped that I haven't included, like Record of the Grancrest War, thinking of doing an entire post just on my dropped shows but it feels a little petty.

Also, I've got two Netflix shows this time around, HisoMaso and A.I.C.O. and I included them both in this spring round-up for two different reasons. A.I.C.O. was an easy addition since Netflix dropped all of the episodes in a single day, worldwide, and this was the show's very first release. However, while HisoMaso wouldn't hit Netflix until this fall I actually followed the fansubs for this series during the spring (because like hell I'm passing up any series with dragons in it). I'm trying to be consistent in how I construct these posts but man, Netflix is just not making it easy for me!

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Helen's 12 Days of Anime 2018: Winter 2018 anime round-up

Hi again y'all, it's been even longer than I thought and I gotta say, grad school has been kicking my ass and this past fall semester was the worst so far. I'm still doing some manga blogging over at The OASG but that's about all I can manage these days, especially since I'm about to gear up for job hunting.

So! For this year's 12 Days of Anime I'm going to try and talk about a lot of the anime I was able to watch this past year to semi-make-up for that. I might not have had the time to put together a lot of reviews and blogs but half-hour anime episodes still fit into my schedule so I did watch a far amount of stuff this past year! 

Starting from the beginning then, let's run down everything I saw and finished in the Winter 2018 season from my favorite shows to, um, things that I at least finished in a given season. For shows that lasted more than one cour (including split cours) I'll talk about them in the season they ended which is why this one is a bit short to start things out!