Saturday, March 24, 2012

Webcomic Review Month: Runewriters

I was looking at my blog statistics earlier today and found that I had gotten a few hits from some forums where someone was doing a review of my reviews (is this a thing now? It all sounds rather meta to me). One thing I did notice about those reviews is something I should probably repeat here, I am doing quicker, more informal reviews than normal this month to try and help promote all of these webcomics. Sometimes it might not be quite clear why I like a particular comic but I come across works in every medium where I like them yet can't explain why since it's generally something I don't like (I was under the impression this happened to everyone from time to time). Oh and I am aware that blogger likes to go and double space some of my reviews for no reason, if a review appears to have been double spaced no I'm not trying to fill up more space on the page, I've argued with blogger and simply given up after five or ten minutes of trying to reformat everything.
Last year's R reviews.

Runewriters by Shazzbaa Bennett
Magic can always go wrong and for Tareth's friend Severian it seems to be doing nothing but go wrong for the past few days. His spell casting has gone wrong, he's been mistaken for a aberrant (demon) by hunters and what the two of them don't know is that something else seems to be going wrong behind the scenes as the hunters are noticing that their own motives seem to be changing as well.

Another young series so I might have inferred too much with that last line but there have already been a few hints that there is something at work behind the scenes, and that itself is a fairly common staple of fiction, and those hints are one of the reasons that this series caught my attention. The other reason is because of the main character Tareth, she's deaf and I can't remember the last time I read a story with a main character who was deaf* and so far Shazzbaa, who also does the webcomic Today Nothing Happened, has risen to the challenge of showing how Tareth deals with the problems this creates. She's hardly helpless, right now she's actually a lot less helpless than Severian whose a mage, and I can't wait to see where their adventures lead them.

*actually, the only time I can ever recall was a short story in the literary magazine for kids Cricket and that must've been close to a decade ago.