Saturday, March 16, 2013

Webcomic Review Month 2013: Manly Guys Doing Manly Things

So, I don't think anything weird happened online in the past two days unlike last time but I could be forgetting something, heck I had to triple check all my old webcomic review posts to make sure I hadn't already talked about this one. Probably because I've seen friends post links to various pages in the comic for a few years now yet I must not have started following it until last year and I think that's because, much like Thursday's comic, I looked at it, expected something kinda bad and then was pleasently surprised to be completely wrong.

Manly Guys Doing Manly Things by Kelly "Coelasquid" Turnbull

Commander Badass is a time traveling navy seal from the future but these days he runs a temp agency for helping macho men adjust back into every day life. Hilarity ensues.

Yep, I've been around the internet long enough that a title like "manly guys doing manly things" reminds me of  MRA people and that plus the fact that I normally don't get a lot of video game humor (simply because I don't have time to play the games and get the jokes) made me stay away from the comic for a long time. But thankfully when I went through the archives one day and read all of it I discovered that I was quite wrong, not only was it funny but it was able to have guys be macho without being sexist, awesome! A lot of the humor works since it's more based on a situation set up in the comic than based on some reference  yet the comic manages to also fit in a few running gags and even a full arc without losing steam or interest. And it holds up on a reread which I always think is a good test for gag-a-page comics, it's a pretty funny comic and I think a lot people with nerdy interests would find it amusing (assuming they haven't already checked it out, it seems to be one of the webcomics that just about everyone heard of or run into at least once).

Manly Men Doing Manly Things can be read on it's website and sadly does not seem to be in print at this time.

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  1. 1. how is making guys macho sexist in any way
    2. i went into the comic expecting the exact same thing
    3. have a nice day, love your blog c:

    1. Basically, I'm so used to people making guys "manly" by putting down women (sort of as a comparison, oh look how much better he is than she is) that I expected humor along those lines. But thankfully this comic manages to completely avoid that by using a different kind of humor and I'm really glad it chose to go that route instead.