Sunday, March 24, 2013

Webcomic Review Month 2013: Seed

Alright, gonna try and get back on track here with another one comic post tonight, Seed. Phillip also works on another webcomic that I follow, Battle Creek, NE, which I do enjoy but it just wasn't far enough along for me to talk about this year. So if you try Seed and enjoy it check that one out too or vice versa!

Seed by Julia "Drobvirks" Philip

Dominique would like to think she's a normal girl but has no idea if the fact that she has blue skin and can do magic is normal. Sure some other people have odd colored skin and, even though it's outlawed, some people still practice magic but Dominique can remember barely anything from when she was little and can't recall anything about her family. But after a chance encounter with a young doctor in the city she might finally be on the right track to figure out what's going on with her.

This is another comic where I really love the use of color, but for a totally different reason from A Redtail's Dream. Right from the start the comic uses a bold and vibrant color scheme, Philip isn't afraid to use bright colors and it really grabs your attention, so much so that I was surprised to see how much simpler the art was in the beginning when I skimmed back through the comic before writing the review. Honestly it's also possible I didn't notice because it improves fast, it doesn't take many pages before more complicated backgrounds start appearing in every panel, by the second chapter the shading has gotten more even, and the character's look more and more balanced (if that makes sense, not exactly realistic but more like a deliberate, stylistic choice in design rather than an artist working with the skills they have) as the story progresses. The plot has been a bit slow to get going, the story has been setting up a lot of world building and given it's emphasis on the religion and the fact that the summary on the site mentions a war I'm sure it will all be important later, but it is moving. I would like to see a bit more plot sometime soon but regardless this is a solid comic that is deliberately moving forward and I'm sure that when the plot does kick in more that it'll be great.

Seed is available to read online and sadly has no print edition as of writing (because I would seriously buy this in a heartbeat, it's so colorful it simply demands to be put in print!).

2012 "S" comic
2011 "S" comic

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