Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Book Review: Witch Eyes

Back in late October/early November I heard from that this book (which I had wanted to read for a while but hadn't found at any of my libraries) was available as a free kindle download. So I figured out how to run kindle on my computer (which was dead simple, I use chrome and it just plugged right into the browser) and I discovered that I really liked the format of the kindle reader better than the adobe reader I had been using for e-books previously, had two columns of text instead of one which made it much easier for me since my problem before was that you couldn't scroll down so you had to read an entire page without moving the text around (which most people are used to when reading stuff on a computer these days). Still couldn't scroll down without going to the next page but this was still a rather nice improvement, I think that e-books are finally growing on me. 

Witch Eyes by Scott Tracy

 Summary: Braden was born with what for lack of a better term his uncle has dubbed "witch eyes," eyes that can unravel a spell in an instant or see the future randomly and uncontrollably. He wears sunglasses to help keep his power under control (although he still gets headaches and the like from it) but that doesn't stop him from seeing one day what will happen if he doesn't leave his uncle and go to the town of Belle Dam and upon arrival Braden finds that he's part of a centuries long power struggle which might very well kill him and that he has no way of getting out of, for better or for worse. 

The Good: I had been interested in reading this book for a while since it had something that I wanted to see more of, a character on the LGTB spectrum (in this case Braden in gay) yet the book isn't a "problem book." Sure apparently this causes some tension with his uncle but Braden's main problems involve magic and such which is exactly what I want more of in books, people who aren't white/cis/straight/all of that yet the book isn't about how they're different, it's just part of their lives. In any case, I liked the magic here, I liked the setting (since it's a town where at least some of the people have realized there is something big going on behind the scenes, I can never buy a setting where no one has figured that out), everything just went together well. There was nothing daring about the book (I refuse to believe that some people would consider a non-straight protagonist daring because that's just stupid) but it was certainly enjoyable and I want to read the next book. 

The Bad: Well, there was a villain, they were defeated but the larger problem remains and so I feel a little unsatisfied at the ending. I know this is part of a series (I believe a trilogy and, if that's the case, then it's completed) but that doesn't completely help. Bit annoyed at the character of Trey, I suppose you could just say "oh he's a teenager and hormones make them strange" but some of his actions seemed rather inconsistent and just for the sake of drama. Although this is a series so hopefully things will get a bit better in both of those regards in the next book.

So, three and a half stars out of four and if I can find the next book I'll be sure to read it too, coming from me that's a pretty good recommendation!

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  1. plot seems interesting... and lbgt character... and you gave it a high rating. I might like it xD Hoping to read this soon~