Friday, December 15, 2017

On the second day of aniblogging I give to thee: two shows blocked from me~

Netflix was not a newcomer to the anime streaming business in 2017 but frankly, this is the year they’re starting to irk me the most. Sure I was plenty grumpy with how long I had to wait in-between cours of Kuromukuro but this year the gaps in between when a show airs and when a show drops on Netflix have gotten more random-seemingly. I’m hoping that the fall 2017 fantasy series Children of Whales pops up on the service soon; it looked really interesting and it’s a shame since Viz Media actually managed to release the first volume of the manga to coincide with the anime’s airing and that synergy really does help sales! (also, expect a review from me on that first volume over at The OASG sometime in the coming weeks).

I was also miffed this year that Crunchyroll did not end up simulcasting, or rather stream at all, Symphogear AXZ when it aired. I’m going to talk more about Symphogear in a later post but I finally got into the franchise this year and I was excited to see that I was all set to catch-up right around when the latest season was going to air (I have a lot of friends who love the show so I wanted to talk with them about it!). And yet, we haven’t heard a PEEP out of Crunchyroll about the show. As far as I know, the show hasn’t switched studios or anything, there must be music rights involved but Crunchyroll must have dealt with those for the first three seasons of Symphogear as well, so I’m befuddled! I really hope that CR is able to put up the show either by/when the upcoming fifth season airs, I really want my campy sorta-kinda-idol-punching-monsters show!