Friday, December 29, 2017

On the eleventh day of aniblogging I give to thee: 11 shows that I haven't yet seen

No matter how much anime I try to watch each year, and by god I watch a LOT, there are always shows I just don't get around to. Sometimes a show has a slow start so I try it, drop it, and only find out much later that it was worth sticking around for. Other times a show is so niche that is is both incredibly my kind of show but really hard for me to find out about (I feel like I'm trying to do the reverse of this with Kabukibu, I'm trying to let everyone know how much I enjoyed this show now that it's on a larger streaming service). So, while I most likely won't end up trying out every show on this list they are all shows that I'm curious about!

Action Heroine Cheer Fruits: Once I take the plunge and get a paid, HiDive subscription I'll probably check this one out, I just didn't want to spend money on yet another streaming service this year that only had a couple of exclusive shows that I wanted to see. It appears that a lot of other folks felt the same way as me since I haven't actually seen that much buzz about it online? But it sounds like it was an okay idol show, wait, not idol, sentai performance troupe show? Maybe people didn't watch it because they're tired of all of the "X but like, as idols!" shows that have cropped up recently...   

Clean Freak! Aoyama-kun: This one honestly wasn't on my list at all until I saw some good coverage over at the Anime Feminist (namely that the "clean freak" part wasn't played like a really stupid "oh noooo, he's a germaphobe, oh nooooo!" gag every single episode) and I also had no idea that it was a soccer anime to boot. Since I've basically only heard about this show through AniFem (and a little through the Taiiku Podcast) I really don't know if this will be a sports show I like or not but since I like soccer (and haven't liked most soccer anime) I feel obligated to give it a shot. 

Fate/apocraphya: This is on my list! As soon as my holidays wind down a friend and I are going to give this show a shot and see how entertaining it is!! Stay tuned to my twitter for what will undoubtedly be a lot of snark no matter how it goes!!!

ID-0: Speaking of "shows no one saw because no one watched that service," this all CGI show from earlier on the year that was scooped up by Netflix and then released by them a heck of a lot later (like, I think a full season after this one cour show ended) hasn't been watched by any of my friends I think! I have found a few reviews of it, bless sites that make sure they cover every show once it's out there, and it doesn't sound really promising (sounds like the show has a bit of a weak premise and doesn't stay focused on the actual story) but I'm still intrigued enough to give it a look? I'm 99% sure it will disappoint me but hey, if nothing else, maybe it'll just be the next "shit-watch" with my friends!

Kino’s Journey: I was initially interested in this 2017 remake but now it sounds like, well, I dodged a bullet (unlike those sheep in the finale). It sounds like the first anime adaptation fit together much more coherently and in a more thematically satisfying way so I should go watch that version instead. Only, the whole reason I've been holding off from watching Kino's Journey the entire time I've been an anime fan is that god the visuals from the first adaptation are so unappealing to me. So, so unappealing, I was really hoping that this adaptation would be one I could watch instead....

Light of the Clione: Oh shoot, this is a short that I didn't see anyone talking about at all because it was on Anime Strike, and I totally forgot to get around to it before I canceled my Anime Strike subscription. Uhhh, hopefully this little fantasy will still be around if I ever go back to Anime Strike or find itself a second home somewhere else?

Little Witch Academia: "Okay, WHAT, HELEN" is probably a reaction that some readers just had but in my defense, Netflix-style binge drops of shows aren't the way I normally consume anime! And once Netflix started releasing their hoarded episodes of LWA I was knee deep in anime from the current season and just couldn't take on any more, I totally plan on getting to this one soon though! But I'm still finishing up Mahou Tsukai Precure and I want to watch only one witch-themed show at a time so this might take a while....

March Comes In Like A Lion: I know I saw some dismissive write-ups of this anime when it started airing but all of my friends who have stuck with it are really enjoying the show which is making me take a second glance at it. Actually, make that a third glance, a friend clued me into the show by showing me it's adorable cat characters and that will always pique my interest in a show. Plus there just aren't that many anime about shogi, I mean there's that Shion no Ou title that's never been licensed and a few that have been so totally not my thing (ie Saki) but I am interested in the game so at this point there are more reasons why I should give March Comes In a shot than I should not. 

New Game: It has come to my attention that New Game is not merely a moe cash grab ("okay it's two things nerds like: game development life fulfillment fantasies AND cute girls") but actually a solid series about women working. It sounds like it's a bit more idealistic than would usually be my cup of tea but I still feel like I should give it a shot sooner or later. 

Tales of Zestiria the X: There's not enough time for any one person to do everything they want in life and for me, I never have enough time to play video games. So, I'm always checking in on video game adaptations to see if these condensed versions of 20+ hour long games are worth watching and it sounds like this one may have been? The Tales series in general doesn't require any institutional background to jump into and it sounds like Zestiria changed up a few things about the plot to give some of the female characters more time to be leading characters which is certainly the version I want to interact with.

Tsuredure Children: This one is a short so I really should be able to make time to watch it soon! As a general rule I'm not that interested in romances but various people have assured me that the characters are good, cute, weird teenagers which makes the show sound interesting at the very least.