Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A note from management

So, a combination of just plain forgetting, reviews taking longer than expected, my cold returning with a vengeance/a 24 hour bug/a terrible headache/bad side effects from my new cough suppressant (it was one of those, pick one since I have no idea why I started throwing up), ANOTHER review taking longer than expected to work on, job-hunting stress meaning I feel like I can never relax and stop working, and sewing are why there haven't been any reviews here in a week-ish. Plus, even though I'm not under the gun like a lot of people are for the new season anime reviews I have been working on those on and off and man, for a season which honestly doesn't have a ton of good shows I watched a lot trying to see if I was missing any of them. 

So I'm going to say this, no reviews here this week (there still will be one at OASG) and extra big post next Monday with those new anime season shows. And fuck you to that cold which kept me from building up my post backlog like I planned on, it's been three weeks, I still can't sleep without a three-pillow-high pile in bed, this is the worst cold I've ever had.