Sunday, December 12, 2010

Book Review: Wolfbreed

Honestly I can't remember how this one got onto my reading list but it came in at the library, I had spare time in the shop so I started reading it then and finished it up later so I wouldn't get too lost. But I am seriously trying to remember where I got the recommendation from....

The girl there keeps reminding me of Leeloo from The Fifth Element, is that just me or does anyone else see it?

Summary: The crusades are winding down but there are pagans aplenty in Europe and the Church has adopted some rather ruthless methods of dealing with them, including using werewolves the church found and raised. Only one werewolf is left after years of brutal killings and hard masters who escapes and runs into people from her bloody past, encounters that make her question if she really is a beast who wears human skin or both a person and beast.

The Good: First time I've seen this particular setting before (Prussia around the time of the crusades), although I was wondering through the whole story if the setting was made up since I wouldn't be able to tell either way. And we had some semi-competent baddies here, ones who would go to extremes solutions extreme problems, too brutal admittedly

The Bad: This wasn't a really engaging or different kind of story, it was just a romance that used a werewolf gimmick and a different setting (also more as a gimmick than anything else) to set it apart from all the other romances out there. It was interesting to see the character question what she really is but it seemed like it became a non-issue at the end, I don't know if the character resolved her issues or just ignored them, it felt like the whole idea got dropped when it got in the way of a happy ending.

So, not really a memorable story and it didn't even feel like a werewolf story. It was just a romance that happens to be set in the crusades with a werewolf, really need to figure out where I read the review because I usually avoid romances, makes me worried about the other stuff I have checked out.
Up tomorrow will be the review for Rosemary and Rue