Saturday, December 25, 2010

Anime Review: Magical Witch Punie-Chan

So the theme at anime club this week was magical girl. Up for voting we had Ah! My Goddess (which oddly enough is actually the magical girlfriend genera, yes that's a slightly separate section), Princess Tutu (my offering, standard magical girl show for the first half and then it subverts the heck out of the second half), and then this, Magical Witch Punie-Chan (courtesy of Ian, starting to tease him about his taste). We ended up watching this* and I was happy, I'd heard reviews for this a year or two ago and always wanted to check it out

Magical Witch Punie-Chan
Summary: To become the next queen of Magical Land, Punie must go to Earth and spend a year in high school. It's the high school however that should be worried, Punie should be able to take care of herself juuust fine.

The Good: This is probably one of the biggest parodies of the magical girl series and holy cow it nothing but a parody. It's actually a good thing it's so short, in my opinion, but it's certainly a funny four episode ride. I wouldn't recommend to die hard magical girl fans but to people who either are bored by it or can laugh at it's weaknesses then yes, watch this. There's barely any plot, it's really nothing new, but the rapid fire rate that it manages to mock everything in the genera makes it hilarious none the less.

The Bad: Whew, thank god it's only four episodes (8 half length episodes so four full length episodes), I'm not sure how much more of that I could watch and not start getting bored (also, try not to watch it all in one go, it's a bit much to marathon).

The Art: It's shiny and certainly looks like lower budget magical girl anime (or at least less creative magical girl anime, although that was probably part of the parody) and there is a transformation scene at least twice in each episode (and remember that each episode is only 13 minutes long). It's an OVA so I don't know what the budget was like for this but it might've been a good thing considering the art is more bland than magical.

The Music: Poppy, bubbly songs, some people say that the OP is really catchy but I didn't really think so. That might've been because I was laughing my butt off at the ED (which is parodying action/samurai genera actually, it's still funny). Again, like the art, nothing special on it's own.

So, I feel absolutely no need to own this DVD at all yet I'm still happy I got a chance to watch it. So if you're in the mood for something that goes out of its way to bash standard anime tropes then go right ahead. Otherwise there are far better anime in terms of either art or plot.

*I swear, we haven't watched a single serious show yet. Sure Paprika and Baccano were cool and well written but we still spent half the time laughing at the screen.