Monday, June 1, 2015

Weekly Round-UP: May 24th-31st Edition

I totally thought I could get to making this short post yesterday and finish writing about Awesome Con (which I went to on Friday/Saturday) but that post ended up being rather massive so I didn't quite pull it off (the short version: eh??? A few good points but I would approach doing this con very differently in the future and I have been corrected, Otakon is moving to DC in 2017 not 2016). Continuing with more negatives, I wrote about the first of the Durarara!! sequels and how this might have been more enjoyable three years ago but by now I've become more jaded and seen it's tricks and tropes in many other places as well. Haven't had a chance to write about that "submissive high schooler mentality" that I mentioned in the post but should have time this week and I'll be sure to link when I do.

On a more positive note, for this month's Webcomic Wednesday I talked about the journal comic Wasted Talent which is one I've enjoyed for many years and then I finally did a big post on my favorite books from 2014, published in 2014 (it felt like a bit of an "average" year, plenty of books I liked with only a few really amazing stand out titles, although again there are still some of my want-to-read list that I haven't gotten a hold of yet!). 

Finally, as I mentioned last week I also want to use this as a chance to talk about what I'm currently reading/watching that I might not otherwise talk about. I tried out the sequel to Goose Girl, called Enna Burning and actually disliked it enough that I dropped it, while Goose had a good balance between "this is a horrible thing that is beyond the character's control" and "this is a bad thing but the character can work with it", Enna has changed it's character so much that she's in a bad situation completely by accident and doesn't even realize what she's done despite having seen it earlier and therefore doesn't even have the ability to start thinking about changing it around and I don't want to read books about characters with that little, agency I guess. And then I tried another middle grade book called Goblin Secrets but that one seems to be just too young for me to really enjoy. 

On the anime side, I've started the Legend of the Galactic Heroes group watch which is loosely organized on twitter but I'm still a bit lukewarm on the series two weeks in. It's massive, 110 ovas IIRC which means it'll take a year at this rate to watch and honestly I'm not sure if I want something that long paced, I don't see many space operas but I know of some shorter ones I could watch instead. I am going to give it a few more weeks and see how I feel then but if I do drop it then hey, that's one more thing off my to-watch list!

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