Sunday, August 28, 2016

Weekly Round-UP: Everything post Otakon edition

Hey y'all, time to get back into this regular blogging schedule I suppose. Folks who actually read the book reviews might notice that there wasn't one this week which is for two, related reasons. One was that I was tired and the related, second reason was, the book I scheduled to review was House of Shattered Wings which wasn't bad, I didn't dislike it as I was reading it, but now later on I realize that it didn't resonate with me that much, especially upon learning there will be a sequel and I'm just not sure how it could keep the same setting and characters for a sequel.

So, I skipped it, better for everyone than for me to lower your opinions of me with a half assed review.

But I have gotten to a number of other reviews actually, I Reposted my ReLIFE Review (which first went up on The OASG since I am the Resident expert and okay I'll stop now) and I also put up reviews on the first volume of Liselotte & the Witch's Forest (from the manga-ka behind Fruits Basket) and I talked about how the fifth light novel for Log Horizon is a step down from the previous four, just like in the anime!

Anime-original series Kiznaiver was also a bit of a disappointment by the end but I also can't stop thinking about some of it's looks which is a good thing. And I kept up the anime theme by talking about the movie compilation trilogy of the original Mobile Suit Gundam series and talked about several more volumes of Magi (the manga version that is). And I did get a book review out, although Mechanica also ended up being a disappointment and, unlike Kiznaiver, I don't even find myself thinking about what was supposed to be a clever setting (it instead felt just rather overstuffed and without focus). 

Outside of this, I did post a (n entirely too long) Otakon write-up and I also saw the Gundam Build Fighters TRY OVA last week which I'm a bit lukewarm on. I don't have enough thoughts for a full review so: they really crammed too much into half an hour which lessened any dramatic impact it was supposed to have, making it obvious that your cribbing doesn't make it work any better, and I don't like that the story has progressed from "all of these girls like Sekai" to "if one girl sees Sekai with any other girl they will automatically assume it's romantic" because I just don't see the comedy in that! Also I'm not sure why poor Fumi had to walk around in a bathing suit the entire time, like IIRC that outfit was her original design in the show but the staff quickly gave her an actual cover-up to wear with it instead and I just feel bad for her!