Sunday, March 20, 2016

Weekly Round-UP: March 13th - 19th

So we're missing a post this week, mostly because I was supposed to review a movie this week per my schedule and I've been so busy I haven't actually seen any films in months! I had realized this might be a problem but just realizing it wasn't enough to give me the time to watch something, remedying that now as soon as I finish this so to run it all down quickly:

  • I talked about a manga I liked on OASG! Even my editors are starting to tease me whenever CR puts out new chapters but I'm pretty sure we're caught up with Japan!
  • I reviewed an anime I thought was okay! And yet had few qualms picking up during the Right Stuf holiday sales, honestly that was mostly for cosplay references but I've discovered that either my external hard drive, my new-ish macbook pro, or the DVDs themselves don't let you take screenshots. I suspect the DVDs (which is BS since I'm pretty sure my "license" to buy the DVDs entitles me to take stills for non-commercial, personal usage) so thank god for those Crunchyroll streams.
  • And I grumpily outlined why I didn't like a book that most book blogs think is hot shit. Been a while since that happened, I wasn't worried that I was going soft or anything but it is odd when I go a couple of months with opinions that are completely in line with everyone else's.
It's the last week of the anime season too so next week's round-up will include a short moratorium on that! And dear lord, apparently the spring premiers are spread out from April 1st to the 16th, that seems longer than normal to me, anyone else think so?