Sunday, July 19, 2015

Weekly Round-UP: July 12th-18th

Well that could have gone better, couldn't even get out one review this week because new job+old job+Otakon cosplay+panel prep has throughly kicked my ass. I have no time to cook meals (or desire to eat since that's how I handle stress, yay) or even time to exercise (well also because my knee is acting up again and it's "hot as balls" outside). I did get a SYSK post up on OASG this week, Kitchen Princess, and my partner-in-crime Muse posted hers on Skip Beat! as well but that's it, expect a joint review from us sometime this week and my round-up of the summer anime shows tomorrow, got one more show I want to get watch another episode of and I'll be all set for that!

Also, for those going to Otakon, my panel Notable noitaminA is Friday at 5:45pm, much better time than when I did it at Katsucon and some new material so hopefully I get a few more folks this time as well!