Sunday, May 24, 2015

Weekly Round-UP: May 17th-23rd Edition

Well last week I had a little bit of what I guess you could call a headache swarm, just a bunch of them where the only solution really was more sleep and that was something I just couldn't get more of. No idea how people can pull off all-nighters if a headache that frustrating is a side effect.

When I wasn't zoning out with a heating pad on my head I got quite a bit written this week! I finished work on a bit post on OASG; Moving Beyond Despair in The Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer where I look at the whole series and try to explain why it got good when it did and I really did end up enjoying it. Spirit Circle still edges it out a bit but I think I need to get the Seven Seas release for it in the future. I also had a pretty positive review for Gundam Build Fighters TRY which was about 90% as good as the original (writing was a bit weaker and pacing not as great but the fights were fun and way more female characters so that helps it balance out).

On the more negative side of things, I was only lukewarm on Avengers: Age of Ultron (I also did a spoilery post on tumblr talking about all of the things I've heard were cut from the theatrical run, really hope a lot of that makes it onto the DVD release) and I gave a very rare one-star review for The Dead Key which apparently has already helped somebody shop for the book. I'd moan about how bad reviews seem more important than good reviews but since I had a rape warning in the review maybe that was the important part.

Like I said last week I also want to start chatting about what I'm currently consuming that I might not review/get around reviewing for a while. I've been a dummy and haven't gotten anything from the library recently so I had a reread of Seraphina (since the sequel is already out and I read that book in 2012) and it was as great as I remember and a nice reminder that yes, YA can be really and truly great, I just hadn't been reading those titles recently. Also slowly working through a book on my kindle called The Age of Fable which seems to be a big collection of Western mythology, although I'm still in the Greek/Roman period of it. And finally, I'm really trying to finally finish Space Brothers but I'm still 20 minutes from the end, Hibito is in Russia with a story that varies between engaging and off-putting, and the dreaded "racist cartoon theater" has finally made an appearance so I'm skipping the last three or four minutes in each episode. On the plus side, when you watch the show as intermittently as I do the super long recaps at the beginning of each episode actually come in handy!