Sunday, April 12, 2015

Weekly Round-Up: April 5-11 Edition

The review may have been late but I got quite a few things posted in this past week! On the anime side, now that winter is "over" (still have one episode of Garo left) I made a quick post detailing what I did end up finishing on Tumblr, although I may have left out the magical boy show because I keep forgetting that I watched it just this past season. Full review-wise I posted about Shirobako and how it's an entertaining story about the crazy process of making anime and a really easy to empathize with story about young people (young women in a male dominated field even!) going out into the working world and just how hard it is.

On the manga side of things I actually did quite a bit! I posted a review of volumes six through ten of Magi, posted my "aborted" Food Wars! volume one review on tumblr, and somehow managed to get my Oresama Teacher (volumes one through eight) post up on OASG minutes before midnight, that was not the intent by the way.

Finally, rounding out the week I realize that I am very done with young adult books about assassins (truthfully I was side eyeing the trend when I realized that it might in fact be An Upcoming Trend) with The Assassin's Blade.

All for now and my take on the new spring anime is coming NEXT week not this week, still have most of the new shows to catch up on!