Saturday, February 26, 2011

March=Webcomic Palooza!

So, to keep this fairly brief, my school work has been kicking my ass lately (mainly it's the 150-200 pages of reading a week that's keeping me busy) and I am now almost caught up on everything I've read/seen lately. Yes my school is showing a number of movies now that I haven't reviewed yet but other than that, I haven't been that motivated to read (and keep reading books I end up enjoying not at much as I hoped), I've gone through the local library's manga supply, and most of the anime I'm watching now won't end until April.

So! Since I want to keep posting reviews regularly, I plan to spend all of March reviewing webcomics. I started following a lot of them back in fall 2009 (I follow between 50 and 60 on a regular, weekly basis actually) and webcomics really need more love in general. The plan is to review comics starting with a different letter of the alphabet each day and then have a post on finished webcomics, webcomics with really odd update patterns, and then ones that are on hiatus and really need to come back. It won't be quite that neat actually (since I don't even know of any webcomics that start with "I" or "Y," does anyone know of any?) but that's the plan. Things should go back to normal around here in April (providing school doesn't really kill me) but I'm excited and hope you guys find some amazing new things to read!