Saturday, December 16, 2017

On the third day of aniblogging I give to thee: Three new franchises for me (thanks guys)

Like I said in yesterday’s post, I actually managed to get into the Symphogear series this past summer when I was nursing a really persistent migraine. The “nice” thing about my migraines (and why it also took years longer than it should have to diagnose) is that I don’t have light sensitivity so at least I can still watch videos even when there is literally nothing else I can do (no really, the pain keeps me from sleeping and even thinking straight is really tough). I had tried Symphogear a few years earlier with a friend but we just couldn’t get into it, it was too campy for us (plus the visuals in the first few episodes are rough, the show actually had to switch studios halfway through the first season which is a special iteration of production hell). 

This time I was willing to try and make it past the camp and I really dug it. Symphogear is kinda funny in that the plots often end up being super dumb, the villains never die (someone please just kill off that doctor for good already), and yet the characters are really fun despite all of the insane hoops the plot makes them jump through. I’m enjoying it, wish it had more of a US fandom so I could buy fanart of it, and REALLY REALLY WANT THAT FOURTH SEASON CRUNCHYROLL.

Another franchise that I got into earlier this year was Fire Emblem, I totally blame Justin for this. I’ve been playing Path of Radiance on and off (I'm not terribly great at it) and Justin eventually encouraged me to play Fire Emblem Heroes as well. I wish Heroes had more story content since I think that’s the most fun part (also, ORB BANANZA) but for the moment I’m having fun with the events. I just hope that I beat PoR EVENTUALLY since there are more Fire Emblem games I want to play later and I really don’t like to have multiple, unfinished games on my hands at once.

Finally, in more ways than one, both Funimation and Crunchyroll have started streaming the Space Battleship Yamato 2199 from 2012 (good lord, I was still in undergrad!) and I’m pretty happy I’ve finally gotten an introduction to another one of anime’s seminal, sci-fi series. The premise of the story is way bleaker than I expected however, I did not realize that the series would start with “aliens came, bomb us, wrecked the Earth, and we have about a year before humanity goes extinct” which isn’t exactly the mood I want to be watching in 2017! But so far, episodes are being released one by one so I won’t finish the series until halfway through the spring season, I’m digging the high tension plots and continuously amused that the Yamato is literally a marine battleship IN SPACE. Like seriously guys, I don’t feel like this design is the best fit for the number of atmospheric re-entries that the Yamato is clearly going to be making…..

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