Monday, December 19, 2016

12 Days of Anime: Not watching shows just for the cute outfits

As I think a lot of readers here know, I cosplay! I've been into sewing for a really long time so it's no wonder that I'd be attracted to some section of costuming or another, and since I never seem to have the energy to think up my own designs, cosplaying already created designs is a good set-up for me. But, while I might be picky about what I actually make (you have to have a certain love for a design, character, and series to spend THAT much time recreating it), my love of interesting designs has lead me to make some, uh, bad viewing choices.

Okay, mostly idol shows but today I'm thinking of a different show, Luck and Logic from the winter 2015 season. I was mostly watching it to have something on in the background as I did entirely too much fabric painting on a Yona of the Dawn outfit (AND gave myself an allergic reaction from one of the paint colors, wohoo!) but hey, the designs were kinda cute too. One of the girls, a really minor side character, even had a pretty cute kigurumi design!

But like I said, cute designs alone won't keep me watching a show, especially in a year like this when I've  had even less time than usual for watching! So after my convention I kept an eye on the reviews for Luck and Logic but only for a few episodes, soon it was clear that the show really was just a boring thing and it was a shame I hadn't had something more memorable on in the background instead.  

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