Sunday, October 23, 2016

October so far

And then I caught X.
It's taken me so long to get to this post that I keep having to change this intro, from a cold, to bronchitis to, um, going to the emergency room with hives (??????) I've just been exhausted for about a month straight now and it's not that I haven't wanted to write, it's just been that I can't actually stay coherent enough after a full day of work and battling everything to do so. We've had a few technical snafus on the OASG lately which has delayed one or two of my posts but most of the delays have again been me not thinking ahead to give myself even more time to write to compensate for being tired.

It looks like that since the last time I had one of these round-up posts I've had two reviews up on the OASG, one of the Log Horizon manga spin-off The West Wind Brigade (the first three volumes) and one of a new Kodansha title which I was actually going to put on licensing surveys before they beat me to the punch, That Wolf Boy is Mine! (volume one). Heck I've even been in two podcast episodes too, episodes 14 and 15 and I was a guest in the A-part of the Taiiku Podcast where Kory and I talked about the cosplay manga Complex Age which also dropped right after my last round-up post.  

Over here I'd been doing far less, I talked about why The Force Awakens worked for me when no other Star Wars movie has and about the "either read it or see it, no need to do both" anime The Morose Mononokean Now one reason for my delay in new posts is that I, like 95% of the anime blogosphere, have been preparing my post on the new anime season and boy this one is a doozy, lots of shows to talk and write about this time around. As always I'm hoping to get back on schedule blogging this week for my own sanity's sake but, like a lot of weeks lately, I look ahead and realize that my personal life has already settled down like an inconveniently placed cat and given me less wiggle room than I'd like. 

(Oh and I also spent some time talking about AUSA 2016 which I went to this past weekend, at least I'm getting a bit better at having those write-ups done in a timely manner).

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