Sunday, June 26, 2016

A bit of a round-up

So I kept thinking "I'll do my next round-up once I've done a full week mostly on time so all of my posts get a fair amount of time on the main page" but clearly this hasn't happened in a while. My health has been up and down the past few weeks (well, more than it has been usually during 2016, I want a redo) but I think it's on the up so I should be able to focus enough to churn out some reviews that I've really wanted to get to!

Since I haven't done a round-up since, uh, May it looks like, now seems like a really good time to recap what I have managed to put out. Starting with The OASG, I've done Instant Analysis posts on Itihasa, How to keep a mummy, and Arte (not in the review, someone suggested this to me later, but this manga might be loosely inspired by real world, amazing artist Artemisia Gentileschi), and I did a joint review with Justin on the first Baccano! light novel (and kept him from totally trashing it which was his first plan! >:D).

Continuing with comics, I got around to talking about The Nameless City (how could I not after I went to the launch event?) and two anime that are not based on any manga, Active Raid and Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans. I also talked about the excellent, unique sci-fi work Our Lady of the Ice and the possibly also unique but far less excellent Manners & Mutiny which finishes up Gail Carriger's The Finishing School series. Finally, to make sure that this blog keeps things silly, I also talked about finishing my very first visual novel (an important step in every anime fan's life), the western-made Hustle Cat where yes folks, I dated all of the cats.

This time next week the anime world will be knee-deep in the new summer anime but I'm going to take that time to talk about how the spring anime season wrapped up. I'm almost done, I just have one more episode of Flying Witch left, but I feel like this round-up has gone on long enough already, gotta save up my energy for tomorrow's review of Concrete Revolutio!