Sunday, May 29, 2016

A Semi-Round-Up

So, haven't been a lot of posts lately huh? I actually have quite a few half finished reviews in drafts but nothing has been polished nearly enough to be publishable (and by that I mean, coherent). It's a bit awkward to say but basically I've been adjusting to some new meds (probably not the ones you're thinking of) so I've had a hard time focusing and might be in for another month and a half of this! Since I do have a con this upcoming weekend (and have gotten so far behind in my sewing projects I haven't started that cosplay at all, oops) I think it's reasonable for me to take this entire week off and try to finish up some of those drafts. 

I will try to post more of my old OASG reviews and I have gotten a few reviews up there in the past few weeks, like volumes 3 & 4 of the Log Horizon light novels and the first volume of A Centaur's Life (plus I filled in again on the podcast, I could've sworn that my mic wasn't as crappy as it sounds but there you have it). I really am trying to get back on schedule here but it's hard, especially for things that are really outside my control like Crunchyroll being two months+ late on the last chapter of Spirit Circle which is keeping me from finishing that review (looked at the scans and I really want an official translation for some bits, ugh). I swear, I keep adding that review onto my schedule and then have to keep putting it off and it's making me a little grouhcy....

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