Saturday, March 26, 2016

Movie Review: Garakowa - Restore the World -

Originally the plan was to watch this movie the weekend it premiered on Crunchyroll but that was smack in the middle of my Katsu-crunch and, in addition to having fewer cosplays were I could multi-task and sew while watching anime, I found that I just wanted to watch the shows I was already following, the lack of reviews for the movie wasn't making me more interested in it. But once I found the time I was glad that it was only an hour, that's at least easier to make time for than a full two hour movie.

Garakowa -Restore the World-

In the future, control of the Earth has been willingly given over to a computer program and the program is served by two anti-virus programs, Dual and Dorothy. They've had to deal with more viruses than usual lately, which often end up corrupting entire "worlds" of memory, but they're not sure what to make of Remo, a young girl who mysteriously appears one day. Remo doesn't remember anything about herself either but she's startling human compared to these two machines who try hard not to get attached to anything they might have to destroy the next day.

The movie may have been only a hair over an hour but that was far longer than this story needed. From a beginning that thinks it's more clever than it is, to an overly long sequence in the middle, to a muddled ending the movie felt even longer and the pacing was awkward throughout. If you like cute girls doing cute things then the movie might be worth watching for that long sequence in the middle where Remo, Dual, and Dorothy traipse through a series of memories across the Earth but I was horribly bored by this and found myself wishing that Crunchyroll let you watch videos speeded up the way that youtube does. 

Honestly after the first third the movie really lost me, not that it was hard to follow but that there just wasn't anything to follow. Each character felt like tropes and ideas but not a person, they spent too much time wondering and not enough time trying to figure out the mysteries (read, any time at all). And then what plot there was ended up being crammed into the final third in a haphazard manner. It's clear that the story didn't want to play it's cards too early but I felt like there were multiple, conflicting reveals of who/what Remo really was within a fifteen-minute period and it made the story feel ill-planned. I was a bit worried when the movie started giving Dual and Dorothy surprisingly human lives (with changing clothes, "sleep", and a house) despite being computer programs and the plot itself continued to mix "science" with what was basically magic in order to create the worst/most melodramatic situation for the characters possible. Obviously I was not impressed.

So, despite it's short runtime, I do not recommend this at all. I can't really even talk about the visuals since I didn't look at the screen that much, I kept getting distracted and having it play on in the background by accident!

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