Wednesday, December 23, 2015

TWELVE DAYS OF ANIME 2015: The potentially best anime of 2015 that I haven't seen

Or rather, to some shows I didn’t watch and others I just didn’t finish. Even though this year has felt “light” to me in terms of shows to watch I still managed to keep busy every season so there were a few shows that fell through the cracks, that had last minute payoffs, so that I simply put aside to finish another time and never found it! So, a listing of what I never quite finished and a chance for everyone to try and convince me to do so!

Assassination Classroom: “But Helen you love this manga?” Exactly! I did watch long enough to say that yes the show settles down and smooths out after the first few episodes but I felt myself wondering, I’ve already read all of this, do I need to see it again? There are plenty of stories where the answer is yes but here, I dunno, I feel like I’d rather catch up with the Viz releases (I even stopped reading the scans before the license, hey they were the ones who said they’d never touch it so I thought it was fine!) and keep going from there. Even if I wanted to watch it as background noise while sewing I have too many of those shows already, I’m really torn on this one!

Baby Steps: I dunno, I’ve been hearing good things about it recently? But tennis isn’t a sport I’m particularly fond of, can I stand 50+ episodes of it?

Durarara!! I did watch part one of the second season (Shou) but something has been lost for me and I just don’t know if I want to see the other two parts. I loved reading the bits that became Shou years ago but yet, something about the show itself and something about how times have changed (DRRR is clearly meant to be mocking some overly-common light novel tropes, the problem is that I’ve seen them so many times that even mocking them is boring!) just didn’t leave me as enamored with the show. The fans who have stuck with it said part two was better but, they clearly liked it enough to stick around, did they like it only as much as I did or did they like it even more to start with?

The Heroic Legend of Arslan: While I do love Silver Spoon and FMA I haven’t actually enjoyed Arakawa’s other work that I’ve tried (like Hero’s Tale) and when I tried the manga here I found it just a bit too dull. It moved slowly and felt oddly distant from the characters, something which sounds like it carried over into the anime plus it had some bad CGI scenes. And yet, I do want to give it another shot since it does look like it has some nice high points but I don’t know if I want to read the manga or watch the anime. On the one hand, the anime is ahead of the manga now I believe (or certainly will be in it’s second season) but on the other, at least Arakawa knows how to draw a horse.

My Love Story: It sounds like if I’m ever in the mood for a traditional, no fantasy etc, shoujo romance that this is The Show to watch but I’m still hesitant. The first episode was, nice, but didn’t make me think that the show could hold my aroace attention for 26 episodes, although the fact that some people think one character is coded as ace keeps making me curious about the show….  

One Punch Man: I might see this some day but everyone I know who enjoys it really likes a few episodes and admits the rest are well-animated fluff so I need to be in the right mood for it.

Punch Line: I dropped this but I keep being tempted to come back, I tried to keep following it via anime blogs but clearly it got so weird that I could barely follow what was going on in the blogs! It also sounds like the show really toned down the fanservice after I dropped it which was one of the big factors, maybe someday I’ll try to watch more of what noitaminA has become.

Shounen Hollywood: I swear this is on my actual to watch list but just haven’t been in the mood for it, I’ll get to it eventually!

Yatterman Night: What’s the point in even having fansubbers if they won’t fansub the corrected version of YN’s final episode? The one where the tv broadcast was so bad the staff asked people to watch the blu-rays instead? I’ll admit the show was losing me before that, which is a shame since its first episode was fantastic, but knowing that I’ll also have to watch a terrible last episode is not quite motivating me to finish it, as curious as I am about it.

The problem is that nearly every show has some little glimmer of hope that makes me curious about it, even while writing this a few other shows caught my eye even though I’m 95% sure I’d dislike them! And this is how my to-watch list never gets any shorter it seems.....

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