Sunday, November 22, 2015

A round-up

Hey guys, so I'm really far off track from where I wanted to be review-wise right now. There's a bunch of things going on, work is getting crazier as my contract is only a few weeks away from finishing, which means I'm also job hunting (which is never fun but the fastest I have ever found a job, and that was a very basic, retail job where I already had experience, was 2.5 months, I have really terrible luck at this), and I'm trying to relax in the evenings by working on sewing which also eats up time. There is no especially good way to balance these things, I'm hoping that with my Thanksgiving vacation I can at least build up a small backlog of posts but beyond that I'm at a bit of a loss for how to make this all work.

So, what have I put out since I last did a round-up? For starters, I'm really enjoying Concrete Revolutio and a few episodes back some other folks convinced me to do a special post on it since I was apparently the only person watching the show who also has very specialized knowledge of Cold War nuclear bomb accidents that the show was clearly referring to. I mean that entirely seriously too, for all that this show has a lot of things going on in it at once and it's very reference heavy, if you are familiar with what it's talking about then the ideas aren't that hard to spot, like realizing that the protests in the show are at the same time there were a lot of real world student protests. At the same time though, I do wonder if it's even possible for anyone aside from the director/writer to even pick up on everything in the show because there are so many ideas floating around (thankfully while they are cool to notice you only really need to be familiar with say 20% of them to get the show and a lot of it is basic like, different superhero tropes). I have a few more thoughts on ConRevo, and all of the other fall shows I'm watching, right over here in it's own round-up.

For more anime posts, I did start my reviews on the summer 2015 series and once again I'm going from best to worst so, logically, my top two series of the summer were Gatchman Crowds Insight and Knights of Sidonia: The Battle for Planet Nine (it aired on Netflix in July so it's totally a summer show!) which were both really great. Then I continued the sci-fi trend with reviews of the webcomic O Human Star and a combined book and movie review of The Martian, all of which are also really good.  But there was one dud in the mix which was the non-sci-fi title, The Last Dragonslayer which had a plot that dragged and simply sloppy world-building. Thankfully the next dragon related book I have in my to-read pile should be much better, although with the number of books in that pile I'm not sure when I'll get around to posting it!

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