Sunday, August 16, 2015

Weekly Round-UP: August 9th - 15th

Well I hit a milestone this week here on NI by having 1000 posts posted, wohoo! I'm surprised it took this many years actually since I've been putting posts up since 2010 and started new posts New Years Day 2011 (the timing was an accident, that was just when I ran out of old livejournal reviews to put up!). Sadly, although perhaps unsurprisingly, it was a rather negative review of the comic In Real Life that was lucky post one thousand, I really did go that comic hoping to like it but the "mighty whitey" parts were too much for me (which is weird since I double checked and Jen Wang is in Asian-American, that just leaves me more stumped about all of this!).

As for more positive reviews this week, I continue to wind down my reviews of the spring shows with another fluff/popcorn flick Seraph of the End (vampires! intense friendships! costumes that cosplayers are eagerly planning!), a book that reminds me a lot of another, A Long Long Sleep, and then on OSAG I do my best to cajole more people into reading The Morose Mononokean. They only have the first volume up right now and the wording of the summary makes me worried that this is a test so clearly the best thing to do is give the series as many page views as possible to get them to put up the other three volumes and beyond!

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