Sunday, May 10, 2015

Weekly Round-UP: May 3-9th Edition

Hey all! It's been a busy week for me outside of the blog but I guess it's been a busy week here as well, got four reviews and this week two were on time! (and I'm slowly getting back to submitting my OASG posts earlier which is good for everybody involved). To start at the beginning, like I do every week, I'm afraid I sounded too harsh on Log Horizon 2 when I really did like the show, it just ended on the weakest point and does a bit better when you marathon it rather than watch it week to week IMO. I think I came down Song of the Sea just right however, I was actually chatting with my mom about the movie before I finished writing the review and she sounded really disappointed when I said "you can replace one of the main characters with a magic flute and it'd be the exact same story." I continue with the sea theme with The Mermaid's Sister, a book, and finish up the week with a Moyoco Anno work Insufficient Direction. I'm starting to think that my tagline on OASG should be "that grumpy manga reviewer" since that's all I seem to post these days, at least the next few weeks will be more positive reviews....

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