Monday, November 26, 2012

Manga Monday: Yumekui Merry

This title is a bit of an odd one, I picked it up before the anime adaption came out, didn't like the first episode of the anime so I didn't follow it, read scanlations, and now it's been licensed by JManga. The only thing is that they licensed it several months ago and there haven't been any releases beyond the first chapter, oops. I've asked on twitter and they swear it's coming, I just hope it's sooner rather than later. Also, I don't know if this is related or not but I haven't seen many scanlations for it lately (could be because of the license, could be that the group prefers to buy volumes as they come out and scanlate those instead of buying the magazine each month) so I'm starting to get a little hazy on some of the details here (also, did not know that another translation of it is Merry Nightmare, JManga is just using the untranslated Japanese title for now).

Yumekui Merry (Dream Eater Merry) by Yoshitaka Ushiki

Yumeji has lived a pretty normal life but he does have one odd talent that his friends love to make him use, he can see the kind of dreams people had the night before. It's not always perfect most of the time but it can always tell him when someone has had nightmares and lately he's had a lot of those himself. It's always the same dream until one day a girl falls out of the real world into his dreams and Yumeji learns about the world of dreams and the dream demons who are coming from there to try and take over his world.

Even though the story is currently 8 volumes long (and it feels like it has several more to go) it still feels rather quickly paced to me and it's always nice to have a story that doesn't linger or draw out it's mysteries too much. In fact, one of the biggest mysteries at that start of the manga was "what exactly is Merry and how did she get here?" which has been partially answered and maybe fully answered, again it's been a little while since I read that particular part of the story (and it feels wrong to re-read scans when I know a legal version is coming). Honestly what I'm most happy about however is how involved Yumeji has become in the story, I've seen a number of stories which involve a normal person becoming mixed up in the affairs of another world and being unable to do much about it. Yumeji, really all of the main cast, has a lot of great moments and none of the main characters feel like they could have been cut without hurting the story (which isn't exactly the case for the side characters, they are side characters after all, however there are few enough of them that I don't feel like the writer is trying to fluff out the story by just introducing new characters). The plot is moving along nicely and has grown over the past few volumes as well so, while it's never super complicated or very difficult to predict, I am more than entertained reading this and plan on buying the volumes as they come out on JManga. 

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